Friendships new and old :)

I didn’t do five things yesterday, as one of my boys had a nasty accident. Thankfully, after frantic 999 call & trip to a&e to be checked & taped back together again, he’s okay, just very sore. Gave us all such a fright. 😦
However, aside from that, we had a wonderful morning with a friend, & a lovely day before it all went a bit pearshaped! This is Mia’s five things featuring Sylvie & Violet! We had a lovely time. x

keep it simple

Today’s five things:

  1. A very very lovely morning with Jodi! Felt like it had been a while since out last catch up so really enjoyed this morning’s cup of tea and cake! Violet & Sylvie are starting to really take notice of each other, Violet was loving Sylvie – she kept trying to grab her face! They were talking and grinning at each other, it was so cute to watch! We were thinking back to when we first became friends, almost four years ago, thanks to facebook and cola cake! I hope our girls grow to be as good a friends as we are ❤DSC_6604
  2. Summer hat. First day back at school after Easter break and we didn’t need to equip ourselves for arctic weather before doing school run for a change! Violet even wore her summer hat! Lets hope this is the real start of the warmer weather!

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