Raspberry & Blueberry muffins

Got a poorly household today, and cake baking urge was strong! Needed berry muffins after seeing a link here yesterday.

I am never very sure of cup measurements so I just kind of winged it! These had a lovely sharp tang from the raspberries. Even my blueberry hating eldest enjoyed them! I loved that they weren’t too sweet…

… and they were perfect with a cup of tea!


8 thoughts on “Raspberry & Blueberry muffins

    • I love your blog! I tried commenting but it wouldn’t work from my phone as I couldn’t seem to sign in on WordPress. Will def be back to look and comment! 🙂

  1. Aw thx Jodi! To be honest I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing just seem to be rambling most of the time and doubt its of any interest to anyone but me! I’ve done the same as you and left FB so thought it would be good more for my own benefit write down what we get up to. The blogger tool is not the easiest to use, is the wordpress one any good? Wonder whether I should move it to another site before I have too many posts.
    Loving yours too, such a great idea to write down the positives of each day, may need to steal idea to see if helps with all the negative thoughts floating around my head right now.


  2. Oooooh yum Jodi. You’ve reminded me that I have a similar traybake recipe that then cuts up into fingers. Haven’t made it for ages but the kids love it. Loving your blog, especially now you aren’t on FB xxx

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