Eton Mess cake

Feeling a little out of sorts today after my eldest went off on his first school trip away, so decided to try bake my sadness away!

I wanted to make Eton Mess cakes for a while, but decided to Google to see if such a thing existed. I went with a traybake on Good Food here.

I didn’t have enough meringue or strawberries for the top, couldn’t find my nice vanilla essence or icing sugar (until later!) so I subbed the vanilla for almond & made do with one measly meringue to crumble!


Fresh out of the oven.. It definitely needs more sliced strawberries & meringue on top!


We found icing sugar in the back of the cupboard and gave it a sprinkle! Think it looks more Eton Messy now!

It’s very yummy, & one to make again. I would like to try making one with various other fruits or berries, and using vanilla essence too.


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