Carries you can do with a size 2 wrap

It's Not Spaghetti

I love short wraps! (Yes, we know this already )  But here’s something new… I’ve been putting together pictures and links for all the different wrap carries I can do with a size 2 (about 2.5-2.9m) wrap, and so here they are.  I’ll be adding more carries to this post whenever I find a new one!

Edit: I also posted this on the Natural Mamas forum and others have added their own links and photos in response here: What can I do with a 2.6?

To use as a no-sew ring sling:

I often keep sling rings in my pocket/bottom of my bag and wear a short wrap as a scarf so that I always have it easily available for quick easy carries . You can also do this with a shorter size 1 wrap (from about 2.2m long).

Tips and a videos of how to do these are here:

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