Smoked haddock with spicy tomato peppers

Today’s healthy concoction!

Relatively quick meal tonight…

Smoked Haddock with spicy tomato and peppers.

Serves 2.

Two smoked haddock skinless fillets
1 onion
Tin chopped tomatoes with basil
2 peppers. I used a green and orange one
Handful of fresh baby plum tomatoes
Sprinkle of cayenne pepper
Sprinkle of flat leaf parsley
Squeeze of garlic puree
Season to taste.


Chop all onions and peppers and sauté with olive oil slowly until quite soft.

Add tin of tomatoes, spices and garlic. Cover and simmer for around 8-10 minutes until it’s reduced down a little.

Add the haddock and a little boiled water if needed, cover and simmer for around 6-8 minutes until fish is cooked.

Meanwhile as a cheat I heated a packet of Jamie Olivers tomato and olive quinoa in microwave!

We served ours with a portion of the quinoa and some pea sprouts. Think we’ll try rice next time and perhaps some green veg. There was quite a bit of the tomato and peppers left after serving, so my eldest blitzed it and made a soup!! Delicious and healthy. Would definitely make this again.


Avocado Blueberry Kiwi Salad

I’m on a health kick as I’ve been a little under the weather, so I’ll be documenting little snippets of our recipes and general day to day things when I have time! Been a while since I’ve blogged!

Today we did a huge food shop and I was hungry when we came back so I knocked together a lovely little salad.

Avocado Kiwi & Blueberry salad.

Salad leaves. I used a bag of pea shoots but you could use any salad leaves you like.
1 ripe avocado
Handful of baby cherry tomatoes
Handful of washed blueberries
1 kiwi fruit
Wedge of lemon

Drizzle the lemon over the avocado and a little over the rest of the salad.
I ate mine with a couple of rough oatcakes. I think it would be delicious with a simply piece of steamed salmon and some brown rice too. Might try this soon!


Carries you can do with a size 2 wrap

It's Not Spaghetti

I love short wraps! (Yes, we know this already )  But here’s something new… I’ve been putting together pictures and links for all the different wrap carries I can do with a size 2 (about 2.5-2.9m) wrap, and so here they are.  I’ll be adding more carries to this post whenever I find a new one!

Edit: I also posted this on the Natural Mamas forum and others have added their own links and photos in response here: What can I do with a 2.6?

To use as a no-sew ring sling:

I often keep sling rings in my pocket/bottom of my bag and wear a short wrap as a scarf so that I always have it easily available for quick easy carries . You can also do this with a shorter size 1 wrap (from about 2.2m long).

Tips and a videos of how to do these are here:

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Smashing Strawberry muffins

Made some muffins today & added fresh blackberries too! Delicious!!

I can see the trees


I love baking muffins as you can probably tell by now if you read this blog! So, today I baked two batches, some Italian Courgette cakes with added blueberries & these Smashing Strawberry muffins. I’m hoping these will be good for packed lunches & might try freezing one to see how they fare so I can batch bake them.

I didn’t have fresh strawberries but did have frozen which I thawed.

I used a large Cath Kidson sized mug for my measuring by the way! Sorry my quantities are a little haphazard!


1 & half mugs of self-raising flour
1 mug of strawberries (I used thawed frozen ones)
Just under 3/4 mug of caster sugar
1/3 mug vegetable oil
2 medium eggs
1/2tsp baking powder
1/2tsp ground cinnamon
Pinch of salt

Preheat oven to 180°C (mine is a fan oven)

Smash the strawberries up with a fork or masher…

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Dipping back into embroidery.

My Sylvie Toadstool embroidery!
🍄 ❤ 🍄

keep it simple

After doing my Folksy Friday post and finding the pretty embroidery items, I fancied having a go at doing a little something! It’s been probably more than 20 years since I did any, I used to do it with my Gran on my weekly Sunday visits, between playing Scrabble of draughts! I popped into the local sewing shop (The Sewing Shop!) the next day and picked up a hoop and some threads..

I have a friend, Jodi (from yesterday’s post!) who will be decorating a room for Sylvie and thinking of doing a woodland theme so I thought I’d make a little hanging hoop of some toadstools to go in it. I didn’t have a special disappearing ink pen so I looked at a few pictures online and used one as a guide to look at. I’m pleased with how it turned out! It’s mostly done in…

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Friendships new and old :)

I didn’t do five things yesterday, as one of my boys had a nasty accident. Thankfully, after frantic 999 call & trip to a&e to be checked & taped back together again, he’s okay, just very sore. Gave us all such a fright. 😦
However, aside from that, we had a wonderful morning with a friend, & a lovely day before it all went a bit pearshaped! This is Mia’s five things featuring Sylvie & Violet! We had a lovely time. x

keep it simple

Today’s five things:

  1. A very very lovely morning with Jodi! Felt like it had been a while since out last catch up so really enjoyed this morning’s cup of tea and cake! Violet & Sylvie are starting to really take notice of each other, Violet was loving Sylvie – she kept trying to grab her face! They were talking and grinning at each other, it was so cute to watch! We were thinking back to when we first became friends, almost four years ago, thanks to facebook and cola cake! I hope our girls grow to be as good a friends as we are ❤DSC_6604
  2. Summer hat. First day back at school after Easter break and we didn’t need to equip ourselves for arctic weather before doing school run for a change! Violet even wore her summer hat! Lets hope this is the real start of the warmer weather!

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A day of decluttering & comfort food

1 Reclaiming space Today was a productive day! My chap emptied an ensuite bathroom that had been previously used as storage for so much STUFF it was practically up the ceiling & you couldn’t open the door properly. Well, it’s all gone! Bags and bags chucked & more to sort & sell/charity. The room is now empty! He ripped out a nasty dusty manky carpet & we are planning on revamping the whole room to make a “grown-up” bathroom! Just need to sell some stuff to get some spare pennies.


Wish we’d taken a before photo when it was rammed full like something from an episode of hoarders!

2) Multitasking mama – managed to list quite a bit on ebay today whilst feeding & cuddling Sylvie AND we have bids already! Promising start & more dosh hopefully towards laptop/bathroom fund.

3 Bread & Butter pudding Had a wonderful roast dinner made by the man, then to follow a big comfort stodgy pudding that I’d never tried, let alone made before. Was made with two day old tiger bread & a recipe from a book called “Just like my mum used to make”. Not the best photo but was rushing!


4 Smiles a recurring theme but this little lady can never fail to cheer us up!


5) bedtime two little boys settled in bed, (it’s been a long day!!), snuggling with the 8yo watching Shrek the third, & looking forward to climbing into my own bed to watch Flight of The Conchords & cosying up with my chap & baby 🙂