Eton Mess cake

Feeling a little out of sorts today after my eldest went off on his first school trip away, so decided to try bake my sadness away!

I wanted to make Eton Mess cakes for a while, but decided to Google to see if such a thing existed. I went with a traybake on Good Food here.

I didn’t have enough meringue or strawberries for the top, couldn’t find my nice vanilla essence or icing sugar (until later!) so I subbed the vanilla for almond & made do with one measly meringue to crumble!


Fresh out of the oven.. It definitely needs more sliced strawberries & meringue on top!


We found icing sugar in the back of the cupboard and gave it a sprinkle! Think it looks more Eton Messy now!

It’s very yummy, & one to make again. I would like to try making one with various other fruits or berries, and using vanilla essence too.

Frocks galore & Project Pampering

Not posted for a few days so a little positivity catch up…

1) Support Been a pretty up & down few days, but I’ve had hugs & company from my Mama, & chats with lovely friends. I appreciate it so much.

2) 16 weeks Sylvie turned 16 weeks yesterday. She’s been a little off colour but seems to be turning the corner now. We went out wedding attire shopping yesterday with my Mama & she now has more changes of outfit “just in case” for the wedding day than your average celebrity! Yesterday, got a Baker girl frock & a playsuit in the blue cross sale at Debenhams. This having a daughter thing is still a novelty… So many pretty things! 😉


3) Dens – little Stickle hasn’t been very well, and is very whingy & upset a lot recently. Coupled with his frustration at not being able to communicate well, it’s led to a few meltdowns. Very draining for us all. However, we had a lovely moment yesterday, building a sofa den & it really cheered him up!

4)Hugs – My four year old kept randomly hugging me and telling me how much he loved me & how pretty & beautiful I was!! This boy will go far!! 😉

5)New tricks Sylvie was sat in her bouncer last night and learnt how to trigger the blue lights to come on using her feet & hands!


And a bonus 6) Frocks! – managed to get a couple of dresses yesterday in the sale, for my nephews wedding! I’ve not lost any weight as I’d planned to for the wedding as my priority has been breastfeeding (& cake eating!) but even though I’m overweight, I still felt kinda pretty in new dresses! It’s made me realise how I’d like to start making more effort to defrump myself, wear nicer clothes (instead of my usual crap maternity jeans & baggy tops) & feel happier in my own skin… So project pampering will commence shortly!