Foos, Food, & Family

Five things for today.

1)In the kitchen – made a Herby butternut squash & chickpea soup, and Butternut Squash, orange & sultana muffins with leftover squash. Recipe on previous post.

The two small boys helped me too!




2) Foo Fighters

Put Sylvie in her brother’s old Foo Fighters vest! Loved seeing it being worn again!


3) Merangos
Had a sweet treat after dinner of meringue, Rodda’s Cornish clotted cream & berries. Yum! Albie calls them Rangos so we renamed them “Merangos”!


4) Texts – had a text from a friend who is very close to having her second baby & hoping for a home birth! Really excited for her & hope she gets a dream labour and delivery. I’d have loved a home birth but it wasn’t meant to be, but I think they are wonderful! Looking forward to an announcement!

5) Brothers – they drive each other spare a lot of the time & I’m always refereeing squabbles… But they really do love each other. This pair below in particular have a good bond, but clash too! I love watching my children interact (on a good day!) – it makes having a large family all the more worth it.


Toadstools, Binty Bunny & friendship

1) Friendship and surprises – Yesterday, was a day of two halves. Lovely visit to a friend, and my Albie had a good first session at the school nursery but it was swiftly followed by scary accident at home. Albie banged his nose and cut it badly and there was a LOT of blood. He’s okay now, but a little sore. I was feeling pretty shaken up & upset, (we all were). Today, Mia came to see me & brought me a surprise she had hand embroidered for Sylvie. I was blown away at such a special thoughtful gift! (I may have shed a tear or two!) and it really cheered me up.

I love it so much!!

2)Binty Bunny – When Sylvie was born, a lovely friend sent us a bunny she knitted, affectionately named ‘Binty’! Sylvie loves her & tries to chew her! ๐Ÿ™‚ Sign of a loved toy I think!


3) Love – Albie adores his baby sister so much, he can be a little ‘full-on’ but I love how much he cares for her… This was a photo from first thing this morning. Complete with taped up nose!


4) Minecraft vest – My second eldest son decorated a minecraft vest for Sylvie a while ago! She wore it today for the first time!


5) Sunshine – Feels warm today and it makes a world of difference to our day! Sitting outside with my children & they are eating ice cream cones ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s not even 1pm yet…

1) Walking – Today we went for an impromptu walk in the fields and newly planted forest by our house. It was wonderfully breezy, and warm. We will do this more often, next time taking the baby slings, and perhaps a picnic! We had a lovely time, and it is so lovely knowing this is literally on our doorstep! A perfect place to walk, run, or even cycle perhaps.ImageImageOur tyre swing at the top of the hill!

Image The older boys resting in the sun and looking at the shapes of the clouds.



The fishing lake.


2) Making decisions – Today I made a decision, one that I won’t share just yet, but I feel happier and better for it already.

3) Talking – Having someone who I can talk to about worries or concerns, and knowing that they understand, it’s a nice feeling.

4) Strawberries – A simple plate of fresh strawberries made me feel better this morning.


5) It’s only 12.43pm – The lovely feeling when you still have plenty of day left! I thought it was later, so it’s a pleasant surprise knowing that I have posted five positive things for today already and still have potential to think of more!

When best friends marry, and 12 weeks of baby joy…

Today’s five…

1) huge declutter – we have an ensuite bathroom that’s not been used for years, instead it was crammed full of stuff being stored. Today, it’s nearly empty & with some DIY & a bit of love, we will have a bathroom back! Bags still need sorting but it’s a huge progress. It had been one of those “lets put it off another day” jobs. Phew!

2) My mummy – went our briefly with my mama today, only to a supermarket but it was nice to get out with her ๐Ÿ™‚

3) 12 weeks my beautiful baby girl is 12 weeks today. What an amazing few weeks we’ve already shared. I love her more than I thought would be possible! She’s slotted right in to our family!


4) Love – Two of the loveliest friends I know married today! I don’t think I know of a couple more suited to each other! They never fail to make me laugh, & they have completely made my day – Just wonderful news!

5) Saturday nights Snuggling with some of my brood watching The Voice, with nibbles & drinks – perfect!