Toadstools, Binty Bunny & friendship

1) Friendship and surprises – Yesterday, was a day of two halves. Lovely visit to a friend, and my Albie had a good first session at the school nursery but it was swiftly followed by scary accident at home. Albie banged his nose and cut it badly and there was a LOT of blood. He’s okay now, but a little sore. I was feeling pretty shaken up & upset, (we all were). Today, Mia came to see me & brought me a surprise she had hand embroidered for Sylvie. I was blown away at such a special thoughtful gift! (I may have shed a tear or two!) and it really cheered me up.

I love it so much!!

2)Binty Bunny – When Sylvie was born, a lovely friend sent us a bunny she knitted, affectionately named ‘Binty’! Sylvie loves her & tries to chew her! 🙂 Sign of a loved toy I think!


3) Love – Albie adores his baby sister so much, he can be a little ‘full-on’ but I love how much he cares for her… This was a photo from first thing this morning. Complete with taped up nose!


4) Minecraft vest – My second eldest son decorated a minecraft vest for Sylvie a while ago! She wore it today for the first time!


5) Sunshine – Feels warm today and it makes a world of difference to our day! Sitting outside with my children & they are eating ice cream cones 🙂